Found – Solo Exhibition

Found – Solo Exhibition

FOUND – Exhibition View
Souvenirs 1-10
Fragile 1-3
You’re a Winner, 1-4


Found – Solo Exhibition

Art Centre, Port Noarlunga

Found is a tribute to items of obsolescence and yesteryear. It examines the human connection with these items and reimagines them in decorative and wearable forms.

As someone who is highly sentimental, this body of work is representative of Memories, both my own and as a whole. It’s narratives aim to provoke reminiscence through our collective recognition of man made objects, while perhaps also inspiring  creative reuses of bygone items in your own possession.

As a Jeweller and artist, it was only natural for me to create a body of work of which most is wearable. There is something so timeless and precious about the act of wearing jewellery that it made perfect sense for this collection of sentimental works which have taken me almost 2 years to produce. Each piece is has been thoughtfully collected, carefully considered and individually constructed with the aim of telling stories and provoking nostalgia


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